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Before you begin this course, I think it's important that you know why we have the authority to write such a course.

My name is Tim Wemple, and my wife Sherry and I started a pet portrait business back in 2014 called Andy's Paw Prints. It was so successful that in our first year in operation, we were able to quit our full-time jobs and begin traveling around the country in our RV with our four dogs. We started out partnering with one shelter and now partner with over two hundred and forty. While we can’t promise you the same success, we want to show that success is possible with a lot of hard work.

In this course on how to start your own pet portrait business, we don’t hold anything back. Everything we’ve learned to this point is included in the course. It has taken us a lot of trial and error to get where we are today, and we want to help you avoid making the same mistakes we made. We’re sure we will continue to learn and perfect various aspects of this business, and each time we learn something new, we’ll pass it on to you in this course.

You might be wondering why we would be telling people how to compete with us. The truth is that we have a passion for animals; and we believe, and have seen firsthand, how a pet portrait business is a great way to help shelters and rescues in a sustainable way. So, our concern is not so much about the business as it is about the well-being of animals. You see, when we started our business, our main objective was to help animals, but we didn’t want it to be a one-time gift. We wanted to create a continuous stream of income that would help animals in need 365 days a year, and we hope you will use what you learn in this course to do the same.

But it’s not all about the animals. We love people, too. One of the things we found out in the course of our business was that providing people with a portrait of their beloved pet was a very rewarding part of the job. Even though this was not our main objective when we started the business, it quickly became an objective. So, when we thought about writing this course, it really got us excited, because we thought how great would it be to help people start their own business and find the same pleasures we have found both spiritually and financially. Givers always gain more when they give it away.

As we have already stated, we can’t guarantee you will have the same success we have experienced, but we wanted to at least provide you with the tools to help you become successful. We’ve also tried to be very sensitive to the fact that most people wanting to work from home, or on the road, don’t have a lot of money to invest up front. In every section of this guide, we give you free alternative options that act as baby steps for getting your business underway.

We hope you're as excited about this course as we are and you have a successful online business. Make sure to make comments on anything you don't understand and need help with during this course and we will do our best to answer your questions. So without further ado let's get started.